Monday, April 4, 2016

Happy Anniversary!

Yeesh, it's been a while. A whole year to be exact since I've stopped posting my crap all over the interwebs.

For those of you wondering whether or not I'll ever post anything featured on this blog before this post back on FF or FP, the answer is no. Good day, thanks for stopping by.

And now a moment of silence in mourning of my long dead muses/imagination/creativity centers...

Monday, April 6, 2015

Freaky Flowers

Happy April everyone! Springtime is here and finals is riding up on my ass. So, in recent news, Bones has been recently updated and it's well on its way to completion while I'm having a bit more difficulty with Howl. I'm considering putting the story on an indefinite hiatus until I can gather my thoughts properly for the story to come together in the way I want it. Now, some of you keep asking me for more scenes involving Jade and Lucien, and I understand that I listed the story as a romance but it is merely a factor that aids in Jade's development as a character. The primary focus in the main character, not the main character and her hot love interest. I'm sorry if you became interested in Bones because you thought it would be fluff and smut and all that jazz, but that's not the case. There's more to a girl's life than finding a boyfriend, settling down and making babies; Jade is coming to terms with who she is, her heritage and what in the hell she's going to do with her life. Tough decisions will have to be made, events will begin to happen, things will only get more complicated from here.

Now, the next story in the series is called Crave and its two main protagonists are a Warlock named Astrid and a loup-garou (werewolf) named Prince. This story will be a little more focused on the romance, simply because I'm a mad scientist that wants to experiment and see exactly how well I can write out the dynamics between two people who are human at the core. Since this is part of the Reaper universe with Bones and Howl, we will see old characters as well as new characters, just to keep things interesting. This will not go up until Bones is finished and Howl is near not for awhile. I'm also thinking about making a new cover, not sure whether or not I should since I'm still looking for a photo that fits.

In regards to my works on Fanfiction, TAS and TCM will be taken down at the end of the month of April. I will not be posting them on a separate webpage or anything like that, they'll be just poof! gone forever, no rewrites or anything. Also, Practical Magick will be taken down as well as my collaborator has disappeared off the face of the planet and despite all the positive feedback, it won't continue, unless of course I feel otherwise and continue the story on my own terms. Push Me, Shove Me has been recently updated and hopefully I'll be able to finish it before the new school year begins.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

And Along Came Cupid

Phew, it's a been a long while since I've posted here. Nothing new to report, though the new year is well underway and so is the second semester of school! So far being a double-major isn't so bad, but I figure once I get all the prereqs out of the way I'll be begging for someone to give me a quick and easy death, of that there's no doubt. Push Me, Shove Me was recently updated but I don't think I'm anywhere close to being finished; I'm still working out the details of the plot and how exactly I'm going to go about executing this elaborate scheme my brain came up with. *scratches head and sighs* So much to do, so little time. I reckon the fic won't be finished by the time Christmas rolls around again, with the way my schedule is working out. University is taking up virtually all of my time, but I'm carving out spots where I can write uninterrupted.

In FictionPress news, Bones is proving to be popular: I dunno why. As I mentioned earlier: Bones is not necessarily the Prequel or Sequel to Howl but more or less a companion. I'm working on other books in the 'series' so to speak; if most of you haven't figured it out, the books are divided geographically more than chronologically, events will overlap, characters will cross paths in one way or another. Much like George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Two others I've got planned are Crave and Teeth, whilst I'm working on another possible original and another fanfic. The latter is a crossover between two favorite anime of mine, but the details are slowly coming together. Again, I'm a double-major, university is hectic and the pace only picks up from here. My goal is to finish Push Me, Shove Me before the start of the 2015-2016 school year in the fall, but it's likely it won't happen. Bones, is also nowhere close to being finished and neither is Howl, but they're both getting there.

In more FanFiction news, I've been considering deleting The Artificial Sun and its sequel. In my opinion the both of them pale to the originals that I'd been planning on writing for some time and two of which that are now posted (Howl and Bones, and later to come Crave and Teeth). These originals explore the Reaper world in greater detail and don't take as much nutty creative licenses as I did with the fanfiction. With TAS I wrote willy nilly, wherever my imagination took me despite having an endgame in mind. The logic and rules of this universe is more carefully thought out and just better in my opinion. Well, enough of my rambling.


Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Leaves Are A'Changin'...

Happy Fall everyone! Though, for most it's not a happy time is it? The school year is well underway and for lots of us that means tests and mountains of homework. As for me, university is proving to be a bit of a load balancing sleep with homework (guess which one I'd rather be doing...) and so far I'm managing to keep up on an update schedule with pre-written chapters and find time to write tidbits here and there but with Mid-Terms drawing perilously close I dare say that updates will more than likely slow down. But at least there's Halloween to look forward to. I'm still debating on whether or not I want someone to Beta my works, I obsessively check each chapter enough to make everything makes sense, going back and cross-referencing to make sure that things line up but four eyes are better than two I suppose. Meh, I'm still debating.

I'm getting a lot of positive feedback from Bones, a lot more reviews than I anticipated for this edited version, but poor Howl is starting to feel neglected. Granted I don't update that one as much since inspiration comes slowly for that.
Halloween is coming up! I enjoy the holiday (the dressing up and free candy bits mostly) and I'm considering a treat for you all, but I'm still brainstorming. Some of my creative juices are being contained by all the practical knowledge college requires you to use. Meh...

For those of you keeping up with my FanFiction account, I'm glad that the readers of the crossover indicated to the left have stuck with it despite my terrible updating schedule. But...seems I've synchronized the story's timeline with that of real life since next up is the Halloween chapter. And I'm not sure if the readers of Practical Magick think Maaji and I are dead, but here's to hoping that we'll manage to pick up our steam.


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Up and Coming 'n Stuff

I've gotten various feedback since the first two chapters of Bones were uploaded, which is the third incarnation of a story that I began when I was young and unenlightened. Wolf Bones was the first rewrite and this final revision will hopefully grow on you all as it as already grown on me. Just a side note: I pick and choose the things I leave up to interpretation, mostly so I can shock the hell out of people who guessed wrong later and though I add tones of realism to my fantasy worlds, it is still an ultimately a fantasy and things will end up embellished. Also, keep in mind, I don't have a Beta and I rarely ever let anyone pre-read my stuff, though it would be better for me in the long run if I did...but no matter, mistakes are made and blah blah blah. I think I do quite well for someone who doesn't have a Beta...or anyone to make covers for me. Anyway...I've currently got my hands full with a multitude of projects that have yet to be posted and I'm sure that my collaborator who was working with me on a fanfic has vanished off the face of the planet.

Oh yeah, and I finally settled on a look for Howl. Haven't heard any negative comments so I'm guessing it was well received...or the majority of the handful of you who actually read it don't really care, but meh, whatever floats your boat. I finally updated (I know, took me long enough) and chapter eight is well under way....dunno when it'll be finished yet though, I've become very meticulous about these things...though in the face of college that looms ahead like an ominous cloud, probably not meticulous enough. I know things will the plot seem a little slow going right now, but it'll pick up I promise. Exposition shit is annoying, even for me and I'm the one who has to write it. Enough of my drivel...

P.S. I am taking Beta requests, one who's more well-versed in content rather than grammatical, but both is good too.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More Summer...

Greetings to the few that actually follow this blog...Wolf Bones has been removed and the very improved version Bones has been uploaded...well the first chapter anyway. Updates will still be a little slow, considering the chapters are longer but I won't update until the following chapter is at least halfway finished, that way I can still maintain a little bit of discipline. Now, to clarify, Bones is part of a series of sorts, which includes Howl. Neither is a prequel or a sequel, but more like companions and can be read by themselves. Though, as with any series, cross-referencing will elucidate on certain subjects. I'm still debating on whether or not to upload a few outtakes when I'm finished with both of them, but that'll have to be put on the backburner considering that school is starting in the fall and I'm going to be a very busy bee once I get settled in. I already feel like a busy bee and summer isn't even over yet. Sheesh...


Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Time!

So, yes, it is officially summer time! Woot woot! Though out here in the desert it's more like 'I wish it was winter again!'. So, an update on exactly what in the hell is going on with me and the dark cavern that is my tortured ADHD noggin. Once again, my left brain has wigged out on me and thus a fresh burst of inspiration for the story that I really wanted to write all along. I've begun to re-write Wolf Bones, a little to my chagrin but speculation remains on whether I should take the story down entirely or leave it up for now and post the new one to compare success? I leave this up to the opinion of the readers, because even though I write mainly so I don't drive myself up the wall (though I get unusual psychological results even when I do attempt to write...usually this results in a couple of days without sleeping) I usually end up doing so. Anyway, the new version of Wolf Bones will be rewritten in the third person (slightly omniscient) but it will still focus on Jade, while also working to fit the story into the same universe as 'Howl', which means the chapters will be longer. For those who don't really check this blog, I'll put some info into an author's note for some clarification, though it would be easier if people just read the blog. Also, I might shorten the title to just 'Bones' and that means creating a new cover. Gah!

I updated again! Yay! I know I know, I must update more often and with me starting work and then university later in the fall I'm not going to have much time to write so I should really get busy. Chapter 17 was a transitional chapter, and I plan to have things speed up a little now that the seemingly small catalyst has happened. I estimate that just like the original un-revised version, PMSM will have roughly forty chapters, give or take. I hope to be at least halfway finished by September, 'cause once school starts, my writing is definitely going to slow down.