Friday, April 5, 2013

The Completion of TAS and Upcoming Title(s)

Well, The Artificial Sun is officially finished. People keep asking me 'Is that really the end'? Well, of course it's not the end. There's going to be a sequel which means, the best is yet to come. This is/was the exposition, merely the preface/first chapter while the next project I have on my plate will include the finale. Unlike a certain series I know which drags on for f-ing ever. Those of you that read the House of Night understand where I'm coming from. Seriously, talk about overkill.

And for those of you that are impatient for Legionary to begin again, I'm working on it. I plan on updating two chapters at a time this time, and including much more detail and exposition than I had last time rather than including a crapload of nonsense. Hell, I'm thinking about deleting the thing altogether, I don't give a damn how many reviews it got, it was terrible. I might repost it at a later date...but I will not be posting the old version, nor will I offer to send you chapters and whatnot.

And this is the banner for the sequel  to The Artificial Sun, yay! You can tell that I made it myself. It's terrible. Ah, well. I did my best. So, the title is The Counterfeit Moon...duh. I shall be begin posting Friday April 19, 2013. It shall be pretty interesting. Anyway, put me on Author Alert, or don't, whatever. I'm thinking of posting a House of Night fic...but, I'm still working out the kinks. Argh! Too many ideas! Creativity overload!


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