Saturday, July 26, 2014

Up and Coming 'n Stuff

I've gotten various feedback since the first two chapters of Bones were uploaded, which is the third incarnation of a story that I began when I was young and unenlightened. Wolf Bones was the first rewrite and this final revision will hopefully grow on you all as it as already grown on me. Just a side note: I pick and choose the things I leave up to interpretation, mostly so I can shock the hell out of people who guessed wrong later and though I add tones of realism to my fantasy worlds, it is still an ultimately a fantasy and things will end up embellished. Also, keep in mind, I don't have a Beta and I rarely ever let anyone pre-read my stuff, though it would be better for me in the long run if I did...but no matter, mistakes are made and blah blah blah. I think I do quite well for someone who doesn't have a Beta...or anyone to make covers for me. Anyway...I've currently got my hands full with a multitude of projects that have yet to be posted and I'm sure that my collaborator who was working with me on a fanfic has vanished off the face of the planet.

Oh yeah, and I finally settled on a look for Howl. Haven't heard any negative comments so I'm guessing it was well received...or the majority of the handful of you who actually read it don't really care, but meh, whatever floats your boat. I finally updated (I know, took me long enough) and chapter eight is well under way....dunno when it'll be finished yet though, I've become very meticulous about these things...though in the face of college that looms ahead like an ominous cloud, probably not meticulous enough. I know things will the plot seem a little slow going right now, but it'll pick up I promise. Exposition shit is annoying, even for me and I'm the one who has to write it. Enough of my drivel...

P.S. I am taking Beta requests, one who's more well-versed in content rather than grammatical, but both is good too.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

More Summer...

Greetings to the few that actually follow this blog...Wolf Bones has been removed and the very improved version Bones has been uploaded...well the first chapter anyway. Updates will still be a little slow, considering the chapters are longer but I won't update until the following chapter is at least halfway finished, that way I can still maintain a little bit of discipline. Now, to clarify, Bones is part of a series of sorts, which includes Howl. Neither is a prequel or a sequel, but more like companions and can be read by themselves. Though, as with any series, cross-referencing will elucidate on certain subjects. I'm still debating on whether or not to upload a few outtakes when I'm finished with both of them, but that'll have to be put on the backburner considering that school is starting in the fall and I'm going to be a very busy bee once I get settled in. I already feel like a busy bee and summer isn't even over yet. Sheesh...