Sunday, June 24, 2012

Hi, I Swear I'm Not A Zombie

Hi, I'm back from the dead! At last, eh? Heh heh...well, considering the fact that I pretty much died for months and just now decided to get my ass back in gear even though it's smack dab in the middle of the summer and things are in mild-mannered chaos at the moment. Right, down to business, so...I've removed the second ever crossover I've posted and put up an entirely refurbished version that's more planned out and less...random. It blends the two worlds of Twilight and The Inheritance Cycle a little more thoroughly instead of just dropping the characters from one story into another. But, even so, I decided that I would post the entire old version of The Dominance of Fate (Domia abr Wyrda if you prefer it's elven name...) for those of you who went, "Everything was just fine! Why the hell did you go and screw it all up for?" So, the whole thing is on a page, but if nothing shows up or goes completely screwy, then, shoot me a PM and I'll email it to ya. Voile!

And please please hang in there for the updates on my other WIPs, the chapters are coming I's just taking awhile heh heh.

Peace, love, teehee!

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