Sunday, October 28, 2012

New Works

So, I've finally got up the nerve to post a new FF. The second chapter has already been posted and the third shall be up sometime in the week...that is if I don't forget or get too caught up in school stuff. With Halloween, and later on Thanksgiving coming up I'll be chomping at the bit to study for finals, get my grades up and make sure I don't antagonize my eccentric drama teacher too much (even though we're already at each other's throats). Anyway....The Artificial Sun is one of your typical New Moon fics but with a twist and the slightest bit of angst (even though, I've never really written angst before besides for my one original work). The story is like all of your run-of-the-mill Bella and Jasper bump into each other and so on and so forth, but I've skipped the whole "Ohmigod you're still alive!" "Go fuck yourself, don't tell your family I'm still here." moments and gone on to the whole 'vying for forgiveness' 'mending/making friendships' thing. I've cut out the part where Bella saves Jasper from a demon that feeds on vampire flesh and he witnesses her behead the damn thing so he's instantly curious and sets out to find her, and the story wholly begins when he finds her working at a restaurant/club. They start to talk, he sees that she's entirely different from the Bella they left behind and the ball gets rolling. She's obviously been through trials and Jasper's still trying to come to terms with the guilt he feels for the events that happened three years previously on Bella's birthday. Meanwhile, drama ensues, and events begin to play out. If you wanna know more you'll have to read the story yourself. There should be a link somewhere but in the meantime, enjoy this really crappy cover I made myself:

As you can see Bella is played by the gorgeous Astrid-Berges Frisbey instead of the monotonous Kristen Stewart. If you don't like it, that's fine by me but in TAS Bella is portrayed as a gorgeous demon-hunter and KStew is not gonna cut it for this stint. So...I think that's all I had to say....

Peace, love, teehee!


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