Monday, December 31, 2012

Legionary to be Rewritten? Le gasp!

I've taken it into consideration more than once, and I've read over the messy pile of shit that is currently, my most popular work. The Prequel is a mess to be frank and I apologize to the lovely girl who wanted to read it and I only managed to give her the first part so far. I'll be honest, writing this thing was a pain in the ass 'cause I put the climax smack dab in the middle instead of build up to it slowly. It was completely disorganized and I'm not one to write without an outline but I find I work better if I go with the flow. In a nutshell: Legionary was a literary disaster and more than once I've considered deleting it and I would have if it wouldn't break the minority of the majority of the twelve of you that actually read the crap I call 'literature'.
     So I've already begun to completely rewrite it, it'll contain elements from the original, it will still be a Bella/Jasper romance, with elements of Percy Jackson thrown in there. Also, I've done more research in order to make the story more accurate and a bit more true to traditional mythology instead of making shit up as I went along. Again I say: Legionary was a complete disaster.

In more cheerful(?) news, Push Me, Shove Me has a brand new cover! It's far better than the last one I attempted to make, and this time I used the lovely and delightfully famous Olsen twins.

I think that's, yeah.

Peace, love, teehee!


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