Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Push Me, Shove Me and The Artificial Sun

So, I'm pleased by the response that I've gotten to my newest work of literary art, The Artificial Sun. I'm glad you all liked it, even though most of my ideas are kinda screwed up. But either way, I'm glad you're all enjoying the story. I've taken to posting every Thursday, even though sometimes I'm a little behind on my editing or I forget or I can't find the right song that expresses the chapter, it's events and how the characters are feeling in a nutshell. Linkin Park generally does a good job of it, but you can't have too much of a good thing. By the way, if you or anyone you know makes banners, I'd appreciate one. No joke, I really would. Since all I have are my amateur skills, Gimp 2.0 and online tutorials that vary in quality. Anyhoo...onto other things!

I've started to seriously revise my Push/Twilight crossover, since I first started writing it when I was thirteen and didn't know what the hell I was doing or what a thesis statement was. I'll begin by replacing chapters that are already written with the newest ones that are rewritten. Keep in mind that I don't have a Beta so any mistakes are my own and the ones that my eyes overlooked by mistake. I'm working on a new cover, 'cause that thing that I created is absolutely hideous. I tried I'll admit, but I seriously need help where cover/banner art and graphics are concerned. So, edits being made, don't freak out.

I think that's it, other than the fact that all of you that are reading my Eragon/Twilight fic are anxious for a new chapter, trust me. I'm working on it, so I'll have that up as soon as my inspiration comes back. Christmas is on the way so I may or may not have more time on my hands to write. Happy Holidays!

Peace, love, teehee!


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