Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Leaves Are A'Changin'...

Happy Fall everyone! Though, for most it's not a happy time is it? The school year is well underway and for lots of us that means tests and mountains of homework. As for me, university is proving to be a bit of a load balancing sleep with homework (guess which one I'd rather be doing...) and so far I'm managing to keep up on an update schedule with pre-written chapters and find time to write tidbits here and there but with Mid-Terms drawing perilously close I dare say that updates will more than likely slow down. But at least there's Halloween to look forward to. I'm still debating on whether or not I want someone to Beta my works, I obsessively check each chapter enough to make everything makes sense, going back and cross-referencing to make sure that things line up but four eyes are better than two I suppose. Meh, I'm still debating.

I'm getting a lot of positive feedback from Bones, a lot more reviews than I anticipated for this edited version, but poor Howl is starting to feel neglected. Granted I don't update that one as much since inspiration comes slowly for that.
Halloween is coming up! I enjoy the holiday (the dressing up and free candy bits mostly) and I'm considering a treat for you all, but I'm still brainstorming. Some of my creative juices are being contained by all the practical knowledge college requires you to use. Meh...

For those of you keeping up with my FanFiction account, I'm glad that the readers of the crossover indicated to the left have stuck with it despite my terrible updating schedule. But...seems I've synchronized the story's timeline with that of real life since next up is the Halloween chapter. And I'm not sure if the readers of Practical Magick think Maaji and I are dead, but here's to hoping that we'll manage to pick up our steam.


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