Saturday, February 14, 2015

And Along Came Cupid

Phew, it's a been a long while since I've posted here. Nothing new to report, though the new year is well underway and so is the second semester of school! So far being a double-major isn't so bad, but I figure once I get all the prereqs out of the way I'll be begging for someone to give me a quick and easy death, of that there's no doubt. Push Me, Shove Me was recently updated but I don't think I'm anywhere close to being finished; I'm still working out the details of the plot and how exactly I'm going to go about executing this elaborate scheme my brain came up with. *scratches head and sighs* So much to do, so little time. I reckon the fic won't be finished by the time Christmas rolls around again, with the way my schedule is working out. University is taking up virtually all of my time, but I'm carving out spots where I can write uninterrupted.

In FictionPress news, Bones is proving to be popular: I dunno why. As I mentioned earlier: Bones is not necessarily the Prequel or Sequel to Howl but more or less a companion. I'm working on other books in the 'series' so to speak; if most of you haven't figured it out, the books are divided geographically more than chronologically, events will overlap, characters will cross paths in one way or another. Much like George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. Two others I've got planned are Crave and Teeth, whilst I'm working on another possible original and another fanfic. The latter is a crossover between two favorite anime of mine, but the details are slowly coming together. Again, I'm a double-major, university is hectic and the pace only picks up from here. My goal is to finish Push Me, Shove Me before the start of the 2015-2016 school year in the fall, but it's likely it won't happen. Bones, is also nowhere close to being finished and neither is Howl, but they're both getting there.

In more FanFiction news, I've been considering deleting The Artificial Sun and its sequel. In my opinion the both of them pale to the originals that I'd been planning on writing for some time and two of which that are now posted (Howl and Bones, and later to come Crave and Teeth). These originals explore the Reaper world in greater detail and don't take as much nutty creative licenses as I did with the fanfiction. With TAS I wrote willy nilly, wherever my imagination took me despite having an endgame in mind. The logic and rules of this universe is more carefully thought out and just better in my opinion. Well, enough of my rambling.


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