Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

'Tis the year 2014, and most of us are still alive. (Unfortunately 'most of us' includes those people that you desperately want to smack in the face with a know who you are). The holidays are over and done with: thank the Heavens that we're unscathed. I don't know what it is with people during the holidays but it's like they contract a temporary mental disease that makes them lose all rational thought, common sense and what little intelligence they have. In the new year, I've decided to have this blog encompass all of my works, both original and Fanfiction.

In Fanfiction news: The Counterfeit Moon is very near to completion. Only a handful of chapters to go and I'm still debating on the epilogue or not. Practical Magick is slow going, trust me Maaji and I are working on it, but RL's got her by the ankles and I'm pullin' as hard as I can just ain't giving. Bear with us on that, please. Push Me, Shove Me is slow going as well but I'm working on an update for that too. Chapter 13 is coming, never fear!

May I present my newest piece: Howl. It's an original work that started out as a very very convoluted Fanfic...and then a spark of inspiration came about and changed all of that. If I had gone along with my original plan it would have fizzled out. Howl takes the Reaper world from TAS and TCM and makes it much larger, bigger and far more scarier. At least....I hope it does. I'm still wingin' it.

Happy reading!

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