Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Works in the New Year

Recently I've begun to post information about my original works on here and now Howl has been posted on and Wattpad. I've had this idea nagging at my brain since last summer after reading the entirety of the Game of Thrones series and I know what you're thinking: What in the hell do werewolves have to do with political intrigue and dragons? Well....I have no idea, but it sounded cool at the time. Also I've been juggling with making The Artificial Sun into an original, expanding on the Reaper world and making it far more elaborate. Well, I decided, why the hell not combine all the things?! I am and here this is. Howl sets the stage for the parameters of this world I've created, attempting to combine historical accuracy with supernatural elements, and is the story of a Lycan named Zain. He's the last of his bloodline, taken from his home at the tender age of seven and forcibly put into the service of a ruthless enemy, trained to be a world class assassin. When Azura enters his life, he's in for one hell of an eye-opener.

Wolf Bones, originally titled The Paranormal, is the story of a girl named Jade with a rather...different gift. She can see ghosts. Incredibly intelligent but raised by her abusive alcoholic aunt and treated like a pariah at school, Jade's only goal in life was to get the hell out. Until a new guy transfers into her school (and is immediately popular) then everything goes to shit. Her aunt dies, she has to find a new job and is taken in by a family of werewolves. And why won't Eric's sexy-as-all-hell brother Lucien stop dogging her out?, no pun intended. Jade will learn entirely new lessons about her past, her powers and love.

I think that's about it...enough of my ramblings!


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