Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Cleaning?

'Sup peeps? Recently I updated 'Wolf Bones' and you're all chomping at the bit. I'm thinking about rewriting it or just taking it down. I rarely rewrite whole stories; I don't like having to do things twice, repetition can be boring as all hell and variety is the spice of life. Needless to say: keep a lookout. I've got a fuckton on my plate at the moment. I've got all these ideas bouncing around in my funny little noggin, and I'm trying to write them all down so I can keep track and perhaps expand on them when I have the chance. My left brain (that's the creative half for you people who skimp on neuroscience) hates me, I swear. And the next chapter of Howl is coming, I know it's slow going but if I wrote it too fast it'd end up too short. Thinking out the details works better for not just me (the writer) but for you guys (the readers)...even though there are only six of you and only two-thirds of my audience actually reads this blog...Don't get mad at me if you're falling behind on what's what.

Meanwhile in FanFiction news....

I updated my Push/Twi crossover a couple weeks ago, and I know it's slow going. I'm turning into a slow, meticulous writer like one George R.R. Martin. Also my collaborator hasn't gotten back to me regarding the next chapter of Practical Magick so I think she's been kidnapped. We might end up taking it down considering our chapters are far too short for us to take this long to update. If they were longer then we'd have an excuse...anyway, we're doing what we can. Between the original fics that I take forever to churn out and then my uncooperative left brain...I need to find a new TV show for inspiration. I'm thinking 'The Tomorrow People', sounds pretty legit.

Happy reading!

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