Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Time!

So, yes, it is officially summer time! Woot woot! Though out here in the desert it's more like 'I wish it was winter again!'. So, an update on exactly what in the hell is going on with me and the dark cavern that is my tortured ADHD noggin. Once again, my left brain has wigged out on me and thus a fresh burst of inspiration for the story that I really wanted to write all along. I've begun to re-write Wolf Bones, a little to my chagrin but speculation remains on whether I should take the story down entirely or leave it up for now and post the new one to compare success? I leave this up to the opinion of the readers, because even though I write mainly so I don't drive myself up the wall (though I get unusual psychological results even when I do attempt to write...usually this results in a couple of days without sleeping) I usually end up doing so. Anyway, the new version of Wolf Bones will be rewritten in the third person (slightly omniscient) but it will still focus on Jade, while also working to fit the story into the same universe as 'Howl', which means the chapters will be longer. For those who don't really check this blog, I'll put some info into an author's note for some clarification, though it would be easier if people just read the blog. Also, I might shorten the title to just 'Bones' and that means creating a new cover. Gah!

I updated again! Yay! I know I know, I must update more often and with me starting work and then university later in the fall I'm not going to have much time to write so I should really get busy. Chapter 17 was a transitional chapter, and I plan to have things speed up a little now that the seemingly small catalyst has happened. I estimate that just like the original un-revised version, PMSM will have roughly forty chapters, give or take. I hope to be at least halfway finished by September, 'cause once school starts, my writing is definitely going to slow down.


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